Best Available Control Technology (BACT)<span class=" width="600" />

Best Available Control Technology (BACT)

A case-by-case decision that considers energy, environmental and economic impacts in establishing an emissions limitation based on the maximum degree of control that can be achieved. BACT can be add-on control equipment, or modification of production processes or methods. BACT may be a design, equipment,…

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Attainment<span class=" width="600" />


An area that meets the national primary or secondary ambient air quality standards for a particular pollutant established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pursuant to the federal Clean Air Act [as amended].  [Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) website]

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Air Basin<span class=" width="600" />

Air Basin

A land area with generally similar meteorological and geographic conditions throughout. To the extent possible, air basin boundaries are defined along political boundary lines and include both the source and receptor areas of air emissions. California is currently divided into 15 air basins. [Source: California Air…

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Embedded Energy in Water<span class=" width="600" />

Embedded Energy in Water

The sum of energy inputs along the segments of the water use cycle: to collect, produce, transport, treat and deliver water, and to collect, treat and dispose of wastewater.

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