Load Duration Curve (LDC)<span class=" width="600" />

Load Duration Curve (LDC)

A non-chronological, graphical summary of demand levels with corresponding time durations using a curve, which plots demand magnitude (power) on one axis and percent of time that the magnitude occurs on the other axis.

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Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V)<span class=" width="600" />

Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V)

A regulatory protocol for evaluating the resource, economic, environmental, and other impacts of State programs.

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Energy Intensity of Water, or Energy Embedded in Water<span class=" width="600" />

Energy Intensity of Water, or Energy Embedded in Water

The average amount of energy used to collect, produce, transport, treat, deliver and/or to collect, treat, and/or dispose of wastewater (typically expressed in kWh/AF or kWh/MG).

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Avoided Cost (AC)<span class=" width="600" />

Avoided Cost (AC)

The value of a particular action that produces an economic benefit by reducing costs.

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Total Resource Cost (TRC)<span class=" width="600" />

Total Resource Cost (TRC)

The TRC is a regulatory concept used to represent the total net costs of a resource decision. The TRC is used by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and other¬†regulatory jurisdictions as one of several benchmarks used to¬†evaluate the cost-effectiveness of various programs, measures, and…

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First Costs<span class=" width="600" />

First Costs

The total initial costs for acquiring an asset, or to permit, design, procure and install equipment, and to develop and construct a facility.

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Cost-Effectiveness<span class=" width="600" />


A benchmark applied to determine whether or not a particular action is economically beneficial.

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