Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM)<span class=" width="600" />

Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM)

Customer-side Integrated Demand Side Management (Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, Distributed Generation, Energy Storage)

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Integrated Distributed Energy Resources (IDER)<span class=" width="600" />

Integrated Distributed Energy Resources (IDER)

Integrated development and management of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs): Energy Efficiency (EE), Demand Response (DR), Distributed Generation (DG), and Energy Storage (ES)

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Peak Demand<span class=" width="600" />

Peak Demand

The maximum amount of electricity needed, used or produced within a given time frame (see definition for “Demand”).

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Load<span class=" width="600" />


When used in an energy context, “load” can have multiple meanings: From an energy consumption perspective, “load” can be used to refer to demand by any particular equipment unit, system, facility, customer, or other grouping of energy users for electricity, natural gas, or other energy…

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Demand (Energy)<span class=" width="600" />

Demand (Energy)

The rate at which energy is used by the customer, or the rate at which energy is flowing through a particular system element, usually expressed in kilowatts or megawatts. Demand may be quoted on an instantaneous basis or may be averaged over a designated period…

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