Flexible Capacity (aka 
Flexible Capacity and Local Reliability Resource Retention)<span class=" width="600" />

Flexible Capacity (aka 
Flexible Capacity and Local Reliability Resource Retention)

A tariff mechanism developed by the CAISO to provide supplemental compensation to designated generation assets that are deemed essential to statewide electric reliability. The Flexible Capacity and Local Reliability Resource Retention (FLRR) was designed as a stop-gap measure, enabling uneconomic generation units that would otherwise…

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Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM)<span class=" width="600" />

Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM)

Customer-side Integrated Demand Side Management (Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, Distributed Generation, Energy Storage)

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Integrated Distributed Energy Resources (IDER)<span class=" width="600" />

Integrated Distributed Energy Resources (IDER)

Integrated development and management of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs): Energy Efficiency (EE), Demand Response (DR), Distributed Generation (DG), and Energy Storage (ES)

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Demand Response (DR)<span class=" width="600" />

Demand Response (DR)

Reduction of electricity usage by customers within a given time period, or shifting that usage to another time period in response to a price signal, a financial incentive, an environmental condition, or a reliability signal.  [Source: CPUC website: http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/PUC/energy/Demand+Response/]

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Renewables Integration<span class=" width="600" />

Renewables Integration

Deploying and operating enough flexible, controllable resources to ensure grid reliability given the variability and uncertainty associated with intermittent renewable power generation. [Source: California Energy Commission (CEC) Website: http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/PUC/energy/Renewables/hot/Renewable+Integration.htm]

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Permanent Load Shifting (PLS)<span class=" width="600" />

Permanent Load Shifting (PLS)

The ability to shift the timing of electric demand.

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Hybrid Pump<span class=" width="600" />

Hybrid Pump

A single pump that can switch between electricity and natural gas.

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Flexible Power<span class=" width="600" />

Flexible Power

Electric power that can be quickly ramped up and down as needed to maintain electric grid stability. [Source: California Independent System Operator Corporation
Docket No. ER13-550- 000
Flexible Capacity and Local Reliability Resource Retention Proposal, filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on December 12, 2012.]

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Energy Drivers<span class=" width="600" />

Energy Drivers

Factors that drive, or determine, the energy requirements of any particular resource, technology, system, sub-system (functional component), or operations protocol.

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