Our Team


Bridgett LutherBridgett Luther, Director, Senior Vice President Sustainability – Code Blue Innovations and Founder of 21st Century Solutions, is an innovator and visionary who brings her “can-do” outlook to every venture.  Bridgett was Founding President of Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute where she led the Institute’s “c2c” certification program. Bridgett brings a long career in environmental protection and protection of natural resources for future generations. Before joining the Institute, Bridgett was Director of the California Department of Conservation, overseeing a budget of $1.4 billion and 700 employees in 14 offices. Her responsibilities included oversight of the California beverage container recycling program – the world’s largest such program that recycles more than 42 billion beverage containers a year. While with the Department of Conservation, Bridgett spearheaded development of an Emerald California pilot program with the California Sustainability Alliance.  Syzergy will build upon Emerald California’s efforts to accelerate adoption of best-in-class sustainability policies.

Jack_Sahl_CroppedJack Sahl, Ph.D., Director, is Founder and Principal Scientist of J.Sahl and Associates, and former Director of Environmental and Resource Sustainability for Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. While with SCE, Jack coordinated the company’s sustainability programs for internal operations. His responsibilities included energy and water efficiency at SCE facilities; increasing the efficiency of transportation fuels and logistics; chemical management; reuse/recycling and waste management; and improving product life-cycle performance within SCE’s Supply Chain. These corporate sustainability initiatives were coordinated with SCE’s generation and transmission operations, and customer Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency programs. Prior to this assignment, Jack headed SCE’s Corporate Environment, Health and Safety Department where he was responsible for all aspects of worker safety and environmental policy and programs for the company’s work force of 15,500. Jack has worked in Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Laurie Park, Secretary, is a recognized leader in the emerging area of water-energy.  In 2005, she assisted the California Energy Commission in developing its landmark white paper about California’s water-energy nexus. Since that time, Laurie helped the state develop its first water-energy RD&D strategic plan and roadmap, conducted an assessment of the statewide potential of small hydropower, led a study about the energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions benefits of recycled water, and co-managed two extensive studies about California’s water-energy relationships for the California Public Utilities Commission.  In 2012, Laurie authored a white paper about California’s Water-Energy Nexus: Pathways to Implementation, on behalf of the Water-Energy Team of the Governor’s Climate Action Team. In 2013, she conducted the first study to tackle The Role of Natural Gas in California’s Water-Energy Nexus and co-authored a white paper about California’s Water-Energy-Climate Nexus with The Climate Registry.

Michael J. Bacich, President, recently joined the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power as Assistant General Manager for Marketing and Economic Development. Prior to this appointment, he was Assistant General Manager of Customer Relations and Marketing for Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) and the Sustainability Officer for the City of Riverside where he oversaw the management of business relations, public benefits, marketing, sustainability programs, customer service, and field services related to metering. While with Riverside, Mike directed implementation of the City’s progressive Green Action Plan, an 18-point plan that addresses the City’s sustainable goals for photovoltaic power, greenhouse gas reduction, and resource efficiency. He also served as the Region 6 Director of the American Public Power Association’s Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments (DEED) Board, representing California, Arizona, and Nevada. In addition to serving on Syzergy’s Board of Directors, Mike is a member of the board of directors of ARC of Riverside County, a non-profit devoted to improving the welfare of those with developmental disabilities.

Paul D. Thomas, CEM, Vice President and CFO, a certified project manager, has developed, managed and implemented electric and gas utility customer energy programs with portfolio budgets in excess of $50 million.  In addition to leading Southern California Edison’s (SCE) water-energy nexus efforts, he managed the delivery of energy efficiency technical services and incentives to residential customers through the state’s Energy Upgrade California program, an unprecedented alliance among California counties, cities, non-profit organizations, the state’s investor-owned energy utilities, and publicly owned utilities.  While Director of Energy Efficiency for Water Energy Innovations, Paul provided water-energy nexus strategic planning and advisory services to energy and water utilities.  Paul is presently Senior Energy Programs Advisor with San Diego Gas and Electric Co. where he is charged with developing energy efficient HVAC programs for the state’s investor-owned electric utilities.

Syzergy’s First Annual Board and Advisor Retreat. From left to right: Frank Spasaro, Bridgett Luther, Martha Davis, Jack Sahl, Laurie Park, Fran Spivy-Weber, Bill McDonnell, Paul Thomas, Caroline Minasian, Chelsea Haines.