Our Work

Following is a description of Syzergy’s educational activities:

  • Benchmarking – Assist local governments, businesses and communities in benchmarking their current level of sustainability to enable tracking and reporting progress to stakeholders.
  • Expert Networks – Invite national and global experts to collaborate on strategies for increasing sustainability adoption within targeted sectors.
  • Peer Support Groups – Invite governmental agencies and business and community leaders to share successful strategies for overcoming sustainability barriers.
  • Sustainability Plan Development – Collect, compile and disseminate information about leading policies, programs, practices, technologies, data and tools.
  • Stakeholder Outreach & Education – Assist local governments in developing and disseminating sustainability education to their constituents, using both social and traditional media channels.
  • Financing – Update the public online and through workshops about grants, subsidies, tax and other incentives, and low interest financing opportunities.
  • New Technology Forums – Conduct workshops at which local governments and business and community leaders learn about new sustainable tools, technologies and techniques.
  • Strategic Partnerships – Match sustainability leaders with potential partners that have complementary interests, resources and assets.